Fermions, Bosons, Chortling Symmetries and Other Such Things.

When we think about hypothetically modeled physical standards, let's attempt to follow the path of Murray Gell-Mann -- in the spirit of James Joyce -- and symmetrically stretch our suppositions to ponder chortled aesthetics, galumphingly riverrun, past Eve and Adam's, from swerve of shore to bend of bay and carried away by something that brings us by a commodius vicus of recirculation back to Howth Castle and Environs.

While we also remember the following:

All elementary particles are either fermions or bosons.

Gauge bosons are elementary particles which act as the carriers of the 4 fundamental forces

  1. gravity,
  2. electromagnetism,
  3. strong force, and,
  4. weakforce.

Every observed physical phenomenon, from galaxies colliding with each other to quarks* jiggling around inside a proton, can thus be explained by these interactions.

*A few examples of fermions are electrons, quarks, protons, neutrons, and neutrinos - all of which might have lead Murray Gell-Mann to merrily shout:

3 quarks for Muster Mark!
Sure he hasn't got much of a bark
And sure any he has it's all beside the mark.
But O, Wreneagle Almighty, wouldn't un be a sky of a lark
To see that old buzzard whooping about for uns shirt in the dark
And he hunting round for uns speckled trousers around by Palmerstown Park?
Hohohoho, moulty Mark!

A Symmetry theory that relates bosons and fermions is known as supersymmetry. If one of the much debated interpretations of supersymmetry theory is valid, then Bosons such as the photon, W, Z, and gluon may have superpartners called charginos, neutralinos, and gluino. Fermions, such as leptons and quarks may have superpartners that some people call sleptons and squarks!

"Finding things out" about supersymmetry -- and the vast book of nature -- is abundantly enjoyable when you begin by listening to Feynman's the most pleasurable of things here.

By the way, If you pass a couple squarks on the sidewalk and want to know what's happening, it's entirely appropriate to ask, "sup squarks". :)

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